What to do if you’re Offered a Promotion Without a Raise
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What to do if you’re Offered a Promotion Without a Raise

Imagine a situation where you’ve been working yourself to the bone just to get a promotion. You’ve done everything you can, delivered on the important metrics and simply excelled at your job for the last couple of months. Eventually, your boss calls you in for that life-changing conversation. You’re excited to take on the role, but s/he then says it will be a promotion without a raise. 

Even we can understand how heartbreaking you must feel if that ever happens to you. Sadly, it is quite common in today’s world. However, it doesn’t have to spell doom for your career. Here’s what you should do if you’re offered a promotion without a raise.

  1. Set a specific timeline to revisit the conversation

Without a doubt, getting promoted is very good for your career, and it can pull in more positive views on your resume. As such, you shouldn’t readily turn a promotion down simply because they’re not offering you money. However, what you can do is set a specific time to get back to the possibility of a raise. It could be three months, six months, or even a year, depending on how long you’re comfortable with it. But make sure that you set a specific time so that you don’t give the impression that you’ll always be fine with the questionable salary.

  1. Negotiate for other things

Even if you can’t get more money, you should be able to get something else. So, talk to your boss about the possibility of getting other benefits. You can ask for a longer leave or holiday period. Alongside that, if it’s possible, you can ask to work remotely for a few days a week or in a month. Don’t be too ambitious, but make sure you go for something that will benefit you.

  1. Make plans to get another job

Stagnation, no matter the form it takes, is not attractive. If your boss isn’t yielding to anything, then you might want to consider getting a new job. Just make sure that you get one first before quitting the current one.


Given the current state of the economy, it’s actually fairly normal that your boss might want you to take on a bit more responsibility without necessarily wanting to pay you more. Sometimes, you can’t blame them for it. Other times, they’re simply acting without your best interests at heart. By following the tips provided here, you should be able to navigate these murky waters.


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